Tim learned to shoot at an early age. Growing up on his family’s farm in Northeast Arkansas gave him the opportunity to shoot almost everyday. He devoted every spare minute to hunting, trapping, and shooting, often burning up five or six cases of .22 ammo a year. During his high school years Bradley became interested in boxing and martial arts, earning his black belt in karate at the age of 17.

Utilizing the discipline he learned from the martial arts and his ability for mastering extreme challenges, upon completion of his education, Bradley tackled the unique and difficult requirements for becoming a modern-day bounty hunter. Honing his gun handling skills for the specific demands of rounding up bad guys sparked an interest in Bradley for exhibition shooting. During extensive practice sessions Bradley used a training method whereupon mastering one challenging shot, he constantly pushed the envelope to master the next more difficult shot. Only after years of practice and firing thousands upon thousands of rounds were Bradley’s talents recognized by non other than Tom Knapp, Team Benelli USA’s World Record-holding exhibition shooter.

Determination and dedication to perfecting specific shooting skills finally paid off for Bradley, who was invited by Knapp and Benelli’s VP of Marketing & Communications, Stephen McKelvain to join Team Benelli’s busy 2006 shooting exhibition schedule. “I’m very excited to be joining Team Benelli and sharing the spotlight with such a legendary shooter as Tom Knapp,” Bradley said, “Just getting to travel the world shooting for a living is a dream come true for me."

“We’re very pleased to have such a talented shooter joining the Benelli ranks. We believe that, along with champion shooter Tom Knapp, Bradley will showcase Benelli’s many fine shotguns in the most exciting and thrilling way. Tim will stand as a fine ambassador for the shooting sports and as an inspiration to young shooters everywhere,” stated Steve McKelvain, Benelli USA’s VP of Marketing & Communications.

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